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The statutory warranty applies. Legal guarantee means that a product needs to work what the consumer reasonably might be expecting of it.

All 14 days for sight

The consumer has 14 days time to assess, from the day of receipt of the order. In case of returning the goods, you should inform TyreCOmpany within the period of 14 days by mail letter (date of postmark is determinative). At the end of the 14 day inspection period, the purchase is established definitvely. The products cannot be reversed anymore. The trial period ends when a tyre and / or wheel is used. Tyres and / or wheels are being used when you have started mounting the tyre or wheel. When the products have been used before the trial period of 14 days has expired, you have become the final owner of the used products and the products will not be reversed anymore.

Return to:

TyreCompany B.V.
De Nieuwe Erven 3
5431 NV, Cuijk

Please send the tyres and / or wheels, or the accessories unused and return them with an accompanying letter. Do not forget to mention your order number.

Return ordered products

When you have informed TyreCompany of the desire to want to return the items, within the period of 14 days after delivery, TyreCompany will contact you shortly. Only products in new condition (as supplied) can be returned.

Furthermore, it is not possible to return tyres and wheels balanced and mounted on each other. This method of delivery is subject to customisation. The tyres and wheels have been placed on each other specially for you and therefore lose ther new condition.

Costs for returning

The tyres, wheels and / or other products will, in accordance with you, be picked up by TyreCompany and reversed. The costs for returning are for your own account. The already paid amount of money minus the costs of the return shipment will be deposited onto your bank account within 30 days after the products have been taken back.

However, when you prevent the picking-up (e.g. by not complying an appointment with respect to time and place of pick-up), or when you are negligent in providing information or instructions necesary for the pick-up, you will pay all additional costs TyreCompany are due. These costs will be billed to you and the amount owed by you will be deducted from your previously made payment.

Right of withdrawal

Consumers have the right of withdrawal in service delivery and remote sales. Yet we notice at TyreCompany that there is some confusion about the rights you have as a consumer. Some consumers insist that they, after intensive use of tyres or wheels (or commissioning) are still entitled to their right of withdrawal. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Please take a look at our Terms & Conditions to be sure of your rights.

Explanation of right of withdrawal

During the trial period of 14 days, a consumer has the right to assess the case and to look at the products as you would normally do in a shop. This generally means that the customer will be allowed to unpack the supplied products. As long as the customer has not yet decided to keep the productss, the customer may look at the products, but not use them, for example by having the tyres and wheels mounted on each other.


A piece of clothing may be fit, but not worn. A washing machine may be viewed, but you may not use it to wash and a pair of shoes can be fit, but you may not keep walking on it.

This means that you may extract and view your tyres and / or wheels. However, nothing can be done that affects the 'new state' of the product. Intensive use or mounting will affect the new state and therefore is not allowed.

Use your right of withdrawal

When you want to use your right of withdrawal, this can be done by returning the products within the trial period of 14 days or by a declaration addressed to TyreCompany B.V. within the trial period of 14 days. We will return the full purchase price within 30 days of receipt of the products.

Products and packaging as much as possible in their original state

When you buy products and you are not sure if you want to keep the products, then we suggest to be carefull with the product and packaging. When you do want to use your right of withdrawal, you have to supply us the products and packaging in the original state as much as possible.

Customer Service

At TyreCompany B.V. it is all about the satisfaction of the customer. However, when you still have questions about the right of withdrawal, you can send your question to our customer service.

Model form for withdrawal
(only complete and return this form when you wish to withdraw from the contract)

TyreCompany.co.uk B.V.
Postbus 171
5430 AD, Cuijk
0044 1143 597 597
I/We(*) hereby give notice that I/we(*) revoke our agreement relating to the sale of the following goods
Ordered on .../received on...
Name(s) of the customer(s)
Address of the customer(s)
Signature of the customer(s) (only when this form is submitted on paper)
(*) Delete what is not applicable